Contraction and Expansion

Four People Jumping

Contraction as much as expansion is a necessary part of our journey and growth and should be welcomed, for it teaches us to be vulnerable and allows us empathy and compassion and most of all acceptance of  ourselves and others. Expansion of mind and body consciousness is what many of us strive to maintain in daily living. However, maintaining this state of expanded consciousness in an often busy frenetic world can be extremely challenging. It is often much easier for us to feel connected and experience heightened states of awareness whilst being part of a group dynamic such as a tantra workshop or experiencing a tantra session.

All our senses can be remarkably heightened, our perception sharper, our hearts open and receptive and our ability to connect with our self and others at a much deeper level. One of the beautiful things about being in a workshop or session space, is we are usually forced to work through challenging issues and emotions that arise, but we are doing so in a safe and sacred environment that supports our process with like minded people. We ourselves have experienced a wide range of emotions on workshops: from laughter to sadness, sometimes almost ready to make a run to the door. Thank goodness we stayed! Imagine what we would have missed. It has been transformative!

Following tantra workshops or  sessions, it is important to be aware that we may experience a period of contraction. This could be experienced in different ways, such as feeling detached from ourselves and others as our heart yearns for the deep connection it has recently experienced. A sense of loss is sometimes felt as we struggle to hold onto our newly awakened state. We may also still be processing unresolved issues that have been repressed for some time.

Whether we are feeling contraction or expansion, it can be challenging integrating our experiences in our relationships and day to day life, so it is vital to take care of yourself at these times and really listen to your body’s signals. It is like letting the dust settle. The great news is that you will feel much lighter and in tune with yourself than you probably have felt in a very long time.