Expressing Wishes and Desires

Yin Yang Symbol

The Yin Yang game is a fun and revealing way of expressing our wishes and desires! You may be familiar with the concept of Yin Yang and how they are based on opposites that make the whole. This is because each also contains an element of varying degrees of the other. One is not better than the other, rather, they are both necessary and the ideal would be a balance of both. An example of Yin would be: receptive, stillness, feminine, cold, moon. An example of Yin would be: force, movement, masculine, heat, sun.

Firstly, you choose who will be Yang – they will be expressing their desires. It is a chance to clearly speak your own thoughts, wishes and desires. It can be difficult sometimes to just receive as we often feel we need to (or want to) give something back in return. An example you may wish for could be a massage. Be specific and clear, letting your partner know which essential oil you would like, the pressure and type of touch, how long it should last etc.

The role of Yin is one of nurturing, being present and encouraging Yang to explore and be open about their desires. This will create intimacy, strong communication and trust.

A few things to consider; decide how long each of you will have. You may have a couple of wishes that could last for a few hours or lots of little ones that you can spread out over the agreed time. Remember that the intention of this is not a power play situation. Do not ask for something that you know your partner cannot or would not be comfortable doing. It also does not have to be sexual wishes. If you find it difficult in expressing your wishes and desires when asking for want you want, perhaps for the fear of seeming selfish or feeling vulnerable expressing it, this can be a great chance to challenge yourself in a fun and playful way.