Intimate Loving

Man and Woman Kissing

For a lot of people, there is a certain misunderstanding and mystery surrounding Tantra and sex. This is partly due to the way in which we view and experience sex. In the west, we often crave immediate gratification, even using sex as a source of releasing stress. Whilst there is nothing particularly bad about that sometimes, you can lose the more subtle and expanding sensations of intimate loving.

There are many stereotypical ideas that we attach or expect from each other. Men are often expected to be powerful and to initiate sex. They may feel pressure about giving a good ‘performance’ and having an amazing sexual technique. This can lead to anxiety and disconnection as it then becomes a sex ‘act’, staying in the mind rather than approaching lovemaking from your heart and body too. Women may have negative feelings about their body, trying to live up to an ideal image portrayed in magazines and media. Social conditioning can also make it difficult for men and women to express their true desires and needs, for the fear of seeming aggressive or feeling vulnerable. All of these things can hinder and stand in the way of a deeper, more intimate loving connection.

Only by discarding these gender stereotypes, and allowing ourselves to accept and explore both the masculine and feminine aspects in each of us, can we begin to relate to each other and understand our full potential.

Often in our relationships, it can be difficult to maintain the freshness and the wonder that we had in the early stages of being together. It’s very easy to get attached to the story of who we are and the roles we play within our partnership. Old resentments and playing out old habits of relating to each other make it difficult to view our beloved through fresh eyes. This often carries through to our sexual relationship and it can quickly feel stale as we struggle to retain the excitement. We can sometimes feel disconnected as we struggle to let go of old hurts and emotions bubbling under the surface.

In Tantric lovemaking we focus on being in the present and having a sense of awareness and consciousness with every gesture and touch, allowing out intention to be clear and flowing, which naturally occurs when surrendering into the present moment. Tantric lovemaking is like a dance; it is the energy between two people and what it creates and stirs deep within, flowing between you in an organic way that is not hindered by goals or expectations. It is a shared journey and a merging of sexual energy, passion and intimacy, building in a slow conscious way.

We often create what we call ‘Sacred Space’. This space is created through our respect, focus and intention. Our sacred space is the place in which, all that is failing to serve us is left outside. A big part of tantra is communication with open hearts, this makes it easier to tap into our truth and share in an uncensored way with our partner, without fear or judgement.

Although we do not offer tantric sex sessions, we do offer ways in which you can start to explore your own relationship with sex and intimacy.