New Wild Woman

woman in the Sea

The experience of a full body tantra massage for women, in such a heartfelt way by fellow woman is extremely healing. This massage entitles us and welcomes us to completely surrender and fully let go. It is an opportunity to focus on ourselves, to tap into this new wild woman, and remind ourselves how fascinating and complex a woman’s sexuality really is.

When we mention healing and specific reasons why you may benefit from a tantric massage, our own journey and personal experiences receiving tantra massages have been so liberating. The feeling of deep connection experienced within oneself often brings out the primal instincts of the forgotten wild woman suppressed within. This is brought about by releasing holdings and trauma in the body that we are often quite unaware of.

As women we often hold on to trauma in our bodies which can stem from childbirth, painful periods, sexual abuse, shame or guilt, being touched in ways that were neither respectful nor satisfying, to name but a few.

Tantra massage for women is extremely healing and beneficial for

  • Emotional Release (very cathartic),
  • Painful Periods or Menopause
  • Sexual Traumas or Blocks (often unconscious)
  • Shame around Sexuality (often caused by society’s conditioning)
  • Opening the Heart and Integrating the Whole of Oneself
  • Awakening and Accessing your own Ecstatic Spontaneous Energy, which is Often Lying Dormant Waiting to be Aroused.

In these sessions it is possible to experience a range of different things, from emotional releases to ecstatic bliss. The experience of the above releases can be very intense as we let go of what no longer is serving us and make space for new vital lighter energy. You may experience spontaneous energy making the body shudder, or the release of sounds (very grounding) which you will be encouraged to allow as the body opens up. Or you may instead be experiencing a more internal process which is equally as beneficial, as we trust whatever takes place within a session will be what is needed at your core level and is your own unique experience.

In your tantra massage, you will be supported and held within a space for you to really own your own experience, which is truly empowering. Our intention is to be fully present and open to your needs, whilst setting clear boundaries necessary in honouring such a sacred experience.