Post Birth Tantra Massage

Female Statue with Flower

In many different cultures throughout the world, when a woman has given birth, it is recognised to be such a sacred and sensitive time. A woman is then given the time and the space to heal after the impact of childbirth. A Brazilian friend of mine explained that after giving birth, she was to recuperate and heal for the first month in bed. Her only task was to breastfeed, her child brought to her when nourishment was needed and of course to bond. This idea is present in many cultures still today.

The trauma often experienced during childbirth, both emotionally and physically, can leave a strong imprint, leaving a less than positive memory stored in the body. Touch and healing massage are a great healer and help to integrate such a powerful experience.

Ecstatic birthing and empowered birthing are very much at the forefront today, with women taking back the power and the knowledge that as women, our bodies indeed have all the knowledge and wisdom we need to give birth – whether or not we choose to have conventional medical assistance and sometimes intervention or the unconventional choice of a growing number of women choosing unassisted birthing.

After the birth of my twins, healing massage was part of my recovery and felt essential to healing any residue of trauma I experienced. My birth was in many ways empowered, but I fought all the way for that choice. Whilst my labour was an amazing journey through hypno birthing and drug free, I was also amazed to experience a lot of natural serotonin flooding my cells and blissful sensations in the comfort of my own home, whilst immersed in water.

My actual delivery happened in hospital under bright lights with a desperation for me to deliver quickly with the constant threat of a caesarean thrust at me from the medical establishment. Unfortunately, I had been pushing for some time at home with little happening so hospital was the next port of call, where I delivered quickly.

Luckily for me, Rachael was on hand to help me with that healing process and her sensitive touch allowed me to open to energetic wounds and holdings, and release emotionally and physically. Post birth tantra massage helped me to reconnect with myself as a woman and not just a mother in the months following the birth.

In our experience in giving women post birth tantra massage, a lot of women are experiencing feelings of being cut off from their sexuality, low libido, loss of identity, whilst integrating their new body image under the pressure of having to give out constantly. Re connective massage can be vital in this integration process and a wonderful gift to give yourself.