Quantum Light Breath Meditation

Man Meditating

Once again, we had the opportunity of spending an amazing joyful time in northern California where we participated in a Tantra group workshop, led by Steve and Lokita Carter from the Ecstatic Living Institute and Margot Anand. We started every morning with an active meditation, one of them being the Quantum Light Breath meditation, which was originally created by Jeru Kabal, the late mystic.

There is another version by Richard Bock and the QLB Orchestra, which is equally powerful. Richard Bock studied with Jeru in 1992 and he came along on one of the mornings and guided us through the meditation accompanied by wonderful live music. It was an unforgettable experience!

Practicing Tantra almost inevitably brings emotional healing work…a Spring clean of things that are holding us back, releasing old beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and dissolving those barriers that have been limiting us…to clear the path and avoid falling back into old patterns.

The Quantum Light Breath meditation is a great tool to use for this and for when going through any kind of transition or seeking spiritual expansion. You can do it alone; however, we would recommend doing it with someone for the first time and of course the energy changes again with a group dynamic. You may find different things coming up, such as emotions, thoughts or sensations and it is important to allow those things to just be there without becoming involved or caught up in them.