Sensual Breast Massage

woman breast massage

As well as being highly pleasurable, receiving a sensual breast massage has considerable health benefits too. Some of which are, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, flushing out toxins, understanding and noticing any changes in the breasts, strengthening the muscle tissue in the chest and bringing awareness, healing and increased sensitivity to the whole area. If done with a partner it can also deepen intimacy.

The area of the breasts is often a powerful portal into the heart. Massaging this area connects to the heart energy which, from a tantric perspective, is also one of the energetic positive poles in women. Women have different levels of sensitivity that can change during the massage and may feel anything from mildly/ gently stimulating to highly arousing sensations, so touch given in a mindful and loving way is essential.

A woman can of course do this herself, or if her partner would like to give the massage, here are a few tips.

Make yourself comfortable – Women, lie on your back, using cushions to prop yourself up a little if you wish, with knees slightly bent so that your partner can sit between your legs. Alternatively, you may prefer him to sit behind you, supporting you in a more upright position, with you leaning back into him.

Take time to connect – This is a time for you both to relax, drop the busy mind and enjoy. Depending on the position you have chosen, the man could place one hand over the woman’s heart centre and spend a couple of minutes just gazing softly at each other. If the man is supporting her from behind, acknowledge each other’s presence by gently breathing together.

Once you’re ready to begin the massage, the man can try this visualisation – Remain aware of your breath whilst feeling or visualising a warm energy travelling from your heart, through your arms, spreading into your hands and fingertips and continuing into wherever your hands are on your partners body. Women – Continue to breathe deeply. Keep your full attention in your breasts, visualising them filling with energy and sensation as you slowly inhale and exhale.

Warm some oil in the palms of your hands – good quality coconut or almond oil are great choices.

Start by placing your hand in the centre of the chest, and then using the palm of your hand and light pressure, massage around the breast using circular movements.

After a while, begin to massage from centre outwards, towards the shoulder or underarm area.

Take your time whilst you let your hand glide slowly over your partners skin, enjoying the sensations.

Using both hands, scoop the breast and gently knead, using a lifting and pressing action.

Make small circular strokes using the pads of 2 or 3 fingers, all around the breast.

Softly stroke the area between the breasts, gliding your hands up with feather like strokes.

Placing your hand over the breast, so that you can feel the nipple touching the centre of your palm, spread your fingers wide and then slowly begin to bring them together until they reach the nipple where you can give a soft light pinch.

Using your thumb and finger, slowly begin to massage the nipple in a circular motion. You can then also use one or two fingers to gently trace around the areola using a slow movement.

Repeat with the other breast.

To finish the massage – be sure to integrate her breasts with the rest of her body. You can do this by gently sweeping your hands up the centre of her chest, over the breasts, down her arms, and over her belly. Over her breasts, neck, sides of her face and through her hair is also great, if you are sitting behind her.