woman stretching on beach

5 Benefits to Better Breathing

Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of better breathing and the influence it has on our body, mind and general wellbeing. In tantra practices, we engage our breath more fully. This enables us to have a full direct experience involving our bodies, emotions and sensations. Firstly, take a moment now and bring your awareness […]

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woman breast massage

Sensual Breast Massage

As well as being highly pleasurable, receiving a sensual breast massage has considerable health benefits too. Some of which are, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, flushing out toxins, understanding and noticing any changes in the breasts, strengthening the muscle tissue in the chest and bringing awareness, healing and increased sensitivity to the whole area. If

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Two people dancing

Moving to the Same Rhythm

It’s wonderful to feel so totally in sync with someone, moving to the same rhythm together. Of course, there are also moments when we can all feel a little out of rhythm with ourselves or our beloved. Hopefully, our desire is to come back and reconnect. This is a very simple but intimate meditation using

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Two People Eye Gazing

Eye Gazing

We really enjoy doing and sharing with others,  the beautiful practice of Eye Gazing. It is a form of meditation and can be done with a partner or friend, and sometimes with complete strangers if you are attending a workshop. We have been asked ‘What happens if you are doing this with someone you are

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woman in the Sea

New Wild Woman

The experience of a full body tantra massage for women, in such a heartfelt way by fellow woman is extremely healing. This massage entitles us and welcomes us to completely surrender and fully let go. It is an opportunity to focus on ourselves, to tap into this new wild woman, and remind ourselves how fascinating

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Two People watching Sunset

Small Delights

Last week I received a beautiful tantric massage. It’s so lovely to acknowledge these small delights and sink into that space of timelessness and to feel tensions and mind chatter slip away. I felt very quickly relaxed and connected to a greater whole. When my wonderful session had come to an end, I was left

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Female Statue with Flower

Post Birth Tantra Massage

In many different cultures throughout the world, when a woman has given birth, it is recognised to be such a sacred and sensitive time. A woman is then given the time and the space to heal after the impact of childbirth. A Brazilian friend of mine explained that after giving birth, she was to recuperate

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Four People Jumping

Contraction and Expansion

Contraction as much as expansion is a necessary part of our journey and growth and should be welcomed, for it teaches us to be vulnerable and allows us empathy and compassion and most of all acceptance of  ourselves and others. Expansion of mind and body consciousness is what many of us strive to maintain in

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Bright Spring Flowers

Spring Renewal

With Spring renewal in the air, it’s a perfect time to welcome the season according to your beliefs and interests. It’s the season of fertility so a great time to plant the seed for new ideas and intentions. I took part in a ceremony with the intention set as Transformation. It was a beautiful way

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Man Meditating

Quantum Light Breath Meditation

Once again, we had the opportunity of spending an amazing joyful time in northern California where we participated in a Tantra group workshop, led by Steve and Lokita Carter from the Ecstatic Living Institute and Margot Anand. We started every morning with an active meditation, one of them being the Quantum Light Breath meditation, which

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Yin Yang Symbol

Expressing Wishes and Desires

The Yin Yang game is a fun and revealing way of expressing our wishes and desires! You may be familiar with the concept of Yin Yang and how they are based on opposites that make the whole. This is because each also contains an element of varying degrees of the other. One is not better

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Man and Woman Kissing

Intimate Loving

For a lot of people, there is a certain misunderstanding and mystery surrounding Tantra and sex. This is partly due to the way in which we view and experience sex. In the west, we often crave immediate gratification, even using sex as a source of releasing stress. Whilst there is nothing particularly bad about that

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Woman Bathing in Pool

A Tantric Paradise

Flying into San Francisco, Carmelle and I, after driving a couple of hours north, arrive at Harbin Hot Springs. A truly tantric paradise! Beautifully quiet, no phones allowed or work anyway, with hills and luscious greenery all around. We checked into simple but pretty rooms which will be home for a while. Feeling excited and

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